Part of the Process: Caleb Hartman

Part of the Process is a series of posts that puts the spotlight on film photographers and DIY film developers.  These features provide unique experiences and perspectives on shooting and developing film while also showcasing diverse talent and film photographers around the globe.  If you are interested in being featured, feel free to contact me! Name: […]

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Reader Excerpts: Forty Eight Hours in Tennessee

Today’s piece comes from Ryan Berger. Ryan tells us about his humble beginning in photography; fast forwarding through his digital cameras, our friendship that has been cemented through photography, and his new-found love for his Fuji GA645zi that breathes new life into his creative expression and hobby to record his daily life. Reader Excerpts allow […]

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Reader Excerpts: Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping

Today’s visual-narrative piece comes from Michael Ivnitsky. Michael shares a project entitled “Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping.” A documentary of his time while transitioning back to life in Tel Aviv explores and visualizes his struggles with insomnia and the constant battle to keep the wheels beneath him moving while transitioning between the dynamics of two […]

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