Part of the Process: Sadie Bailey

Part of the Process is a series of posts that puts the spotlight on film photographers and DIY film developers.  These features provide unique experiences and perspectives on shooting and developing film while also showcasing diverse talent and film photographers around the globe.  If you are interested in being featured, feel free to contact me! Name: Sadie […]

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Reader Excerpts: Guildford on an Olympus XA2

Today’s piece comes from Sikandar Rana. Sikandar shares a place that is close to his heart and how he has interacted with that place through creating images, both snapshots of daily life and deliberate, time-consuming photo creation.  As Sikandar takes us on his move from London to Guildford, we understand his appreciation for simplicity both […]

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Reader Excerpts: Finding Inspiration in the Eerie and the Emotional

  Today’s piece comes from my personal friend, Joy Celine Asto. Joy shows shares a piece of photographic work accompanied by a piece of written work that visualizes and originates from her interest in Greek literature and mythology.  A truly spectacular execution of photographic representation of feelings, thoughts, and storytelling. Reader Excerpts allow those who […]

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