When I got back home from Asia this summer, I was looking forward to just catching back up with life.  However, it just wasn’t it the cards just yet, at least for another few weeks.  After I completed my last doctoral course (just have to write a dissertation now), I was off to Michigan for […]

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Kyoto, Japan

Getting out of the mega-city of Tokyo was a nice break every couple days or so.  It just so happened that after we got our rail passes that we decided to schedule a day trip outside of Tokyo about every other day. The bullet train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto was about three hours.  When […]

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Kawagoe, Japan

After three days of struggling with a rental car in Tokyo, me and my two friends racked up a $300 parking bill, sideswiped a cement pole, and got stuck in what was essentially an alleyway (but is somehow used for cars).  It took us a solid four hours to actually get the car out of […]

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