Thus far, this summer has been filled with a lot of traveling and adventure to say the least.  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting about my previous few weeks of summer travels and highlighting the places that I visited, people I met through the images I was able to capture with my camera(s).

The first trip of the summer was to Japan, and more specifically Tokyo with two of my friends.  After ditching a full blown itinerary we had planned, we scrapped our rental car, took a beating on some AirBnB cancellation fees and opted for a train pass and claimed Tokyo as our home base for two weeks.  It was quite a relief to not worry about driving, insane toll prices, hourly parking rates, and traveling city to city every few days.  We opted for the bullet train and took day trips every other day or so.  If you need any travel tips, I have a lot of strong opinions due to the amount of adapting we had to do.

Over the course of those two weeks, we spent the majority of our time in Bunkyo, a quaint neighborhood on the north side of the city.  We frequently ventured out into other neighborhoods but there was a certain charm about where we stayed that was void of the overwhelming amount of people who live in the city.

We drank a lot of coffee, ate a lot of food, and made a lot of new friends.  Of course, I personally bought and shot a lot of film.  We also did a lot of walking.  Enough until the blisters on our feet grew blisters of their own.  But luckily, there aren’t any photos of that.

On to the photos.  Enjoy.

Contax T3

Mamiya 6 w/ 75mm


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