These photos have been hanging up for the past few months at Cafe Hey and will soon be taken down. I just want to thank anyone who has walked by these photos and took a moment to enjoy them. Ryan and I enjoy nothing more than being able to display work and bring people together around the images we make. We make literally no money from the opening events we put on, we don’t sell prints; and this time we didn’t even bother to put our names next to our images.

With all that being said, we are going to sell prints of our images from the show and donate all profits to a charity of our choice. For any print sold, I will be doing my small part by directly donating to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Victims Fund and any other of their officially affiliated campaigns. As an educator, this event and the movement forthcoming from the surviving students and families is more than close to my heart. So, please consider buying something or even just sharing this sale.

If you’re at all interested in purchasing, simply fill out the form below to get the ball rolling.

Pricing Details:
5×7 Print: $10
8.5×11 Print: $20

Shipping Details:
$5 USA
$10 INTL


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