Today, Zeno Gill shares a visual through black and white 35mm film.  The work, entitled “His Loss,” is an all too common emotional journey of heartbreak lived vicariously through the model, Shannon, which depicts visual representations of the emotions we experience.

Reader Excerpts allow those who read Now Developing to become part of the collective by sharing a written piece alongside their images on a topic of their choice.  If you have any ideas for a piece and would like to have it featured here, feel free to contact me.

His Loss, shot and written by Zeno Gill (Instagram)

There is a dusty, graffiti-riddled underpass north of NYC that I noticed from a train and immediately wanted to explore and use as a shooting location. One can only access it from a bike path, so Shannon and I had to walk in. We’ve collaborated many times and always have great conversations, so we had a good chat about breakups while we walked. I think that in these images we captured the strange state-of-mind that can occur after a breakup — loneliness, dejection, and helplessness combined with a sense of freedom and  exhilaration. Even the ugly parts of life have some beauty.

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