Shutter Sounds is a monthly, ten-song music playlist based upon my most-played music of the previous month.  These monthly compilations are not limited or constrained to any theme or genre.  They are simply a selection of songs that I chose from my most played artists of the month for the readers to enjoy while shooting, spending time in the darkroom, or want to listen to something new.

This month’s Shutter Sounds is a guest-curated playlist by Ryan Berger.  You can check out his analog photography work here.

Shutter Sounds_011, July 2018.




  1. High Strangeness, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
  2. Lost, Nuages
  3. Youth, Daughter
  4. 4 Gold Chains, Lil Peep
  5. Your First Light My Eventide, The Echelon Effect
  6. Sugar for the Pill, Slowdive
  7. Pull, Spooky Black
  8. Autumn Collection, Triple One
  9. 17, Youth Lagoon
  10. Agony, Yung Lean

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