Like many others during this very odd and unique time, I have been looking for ways to be productive with my time. With the extra time spent at home, I have finally had a chance to create some sort of vision for an analog photography zine. While there are many details to be hashed out, I believe I have planned out enough to get the ball rolling and can figure out the rest along the way. Even if there is only a single issue created out of this, I believe that the process will be worth it. The goal is to simply get the idea out of my head and into the world.

I am excited to get this project started and contribute to the analog photography community in a meaningful way, giving a platform and a voice to those who utilize the medium to create images with substance and authenticity.

The first issue of the Now Developing zine will feature 12-15 analog photographers worldwide. An open call for entries is now live and the rules and guidelines to submit your work can be found here.

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