When I came up with the idea of this magazine back in February, it was to simply put something physical into the world that showcased a few of my friends’ photographic work.  I had a bit more time on my hands when the virus first spiked in South Korea and I had just started working remotely from home.  As a teacher who is typically one of the last people to leave the building during the school year in normal circumstances, I found great freedom in working from home and the breaks I took felt like they really disconnected me from my work.  It felt like I finally had the time and the mental energy to embark on a new project.

Initially, I used that time to start sketching and brainstorming what this zine would be and look like.  I wanted the timeline to be free of unnecessary extraneous hurdles and I wanted it to be achievable in what I thought would be a relatively short amount of time.  Even at the start, I already wanted the project finished.  However, I had a few non-negotiables in terms of a final product. It had to feel like a substantial final product. It had to be a product that the photographers involved would be proud of. Lastly, it had to be something that focused on and felt true to the work of all of those involved. It had to be done with integrity.

It had to feel like a substantial final product.  It had to be a product that the photographers involved would be proud of.  Lastly, it had to be something that focused on and felt true to the work of all of those involved.  It had to be done with integrity. 

As they say, anything that is worth doing, will take time.  Not long after, I found myself engulfed in the process of tailoring the finer of details of which I swore I wouldn’t mull over when I first started the project.  But I quickly began to realize that things that are worth doing will take time, and in that time, you should appreciate the journey just as much as and if not more than the destination.

I would like to thank Ryan for getting on board with me for this project.  Working with your best friend can be a challenge, but it’s one of the most rewarding experiences throughout the creation of this zine.  I appreciate the honesty and the challenges that come along with such a relationship.  At times, working with someone who knows you so well can be extremely validating, but it also provides a necessary pause and outside perspective that is invaluable when making a final product that is being created with others’ work and is intended for a wider, diverse audience.  

Whether they are visual or conceptual, this first issue is full of flaws.  I would be very hesitant to call them mistakes, but rather a set of prompts that call for us to do better next time and to be more conscious of how and why we are making the decisions we do and improve accordingly.  Alas, we are happy that this thing we have created is real and we are grateful that it has made it to your hands.  I hope that while we have your attention, that this zine provides a space to appreciate the experiences and photographic work of others who carry a film camera to capture the world around them.  


  • A4 Size
  • Cover: Luxury Rendezvous Ultra White 240g with Matte Coating
  • Pages: Luxury Rendezvous Ultra White 160g Matte
  • Perfect Bound
  • 118 Pages

Photographers: Zhou HanShun, Roman Permiakov, Fred Mitchell, Ryan Berger, Kyle Horton, Letao Tao, Dylan Barnes, Michael Ivnitsky, Alexander Donalson, Victor Norgren

Ordering: You may pick up a copy at the following stockists or order your copy online now at www.overunder.dev/

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