I’ve been developing my own film for about two or three years now.  I made a somewhat logical progression in terms of what types of film I developed.  I started out with black and white, moved into color film, tried some cross processing with slide film in C41 chemicals, and now with the amazing news that Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome and possibly bringing back Kodachrome as well, it has brought me an excitement that I can’t quite explain.

When I first started instructing middle school kids how to develop film, all my boss could  talk about were his experiences with color reversal, positive film.  Once I told him the news about the newest developments regarding the classic Kodak film stocks (pun intended), it was quite easy to persuade him that we needed an E6 kit and a box of Retrochrome from the FPP.  Since slide film is new to me, especially from a process standpoint, I was thrilled to test out the process before the students.

If anyone is interested in trying it out, you’ll need some really hot water (~140 degrees Fahrenheit) to get the chemicals ready for initial mixture.  Development temps and times are similar to C41 process, so if you have developed color at home before, then there is really no reason why you shouldn’t try this at least once.

Scanning could be a potential issue, but even with a Pakon 135 I got some awesome scans after unlocking the positive scan feature and some slight saturation and level tweaks in post processing.  Obviously, being successful on the first try was quite gratifying.

Here’s a GIF of the first roll reveal:

e6 film reveal.gif

And here are some sample images from that roll.  All photos shot on an Olympus Mju-1 with Rollei Chrome 200.  Developed with FPP Rapid E6 Kit and scanned on Kodak Pakon 135:


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