It’s been a minute month or two since my last post.  Suffice to say, the fact that the blog has been sitting here untouched for the better part of the month has been biting at the back of my mind.  It’s a relief and joy that I am typing a new post.

With just seven days of a much needed break from work and my doctoral program, a road trip was necessary to assist in clearing the mind and giving attention to the things that may have been neglected in the whirlwind of the past month or so.  The ten hour drive from Tampa, FL to Asheville, NC and then another four hours to the Raleigh-Durham area was definitely welcome.  Without getting anywhere near long-winded this time around, I’ll get right to the photo stuff.

Cameras: Contax T3 & Olympus OM2S

I really wanted to limit the gear I brought on the trip in hopes that I would just focus on shooting images.  I left the medium format stuff at home and I can’t say I regret it.  I only brought the T3 and the OM2S, both of which I had yet to put a roll of film through since acquiring.  I didn’t realize the accidental risk I took by only taking two untested cameras until I was on the road.  My initial thoughts on both cameras are definitely positive.  The T3 will most likely replace my Ricoh GR1 (maybe for good) and the OM2S will probably replace my Pentax ME Super for the time being.  The T3 was definitely the most used camera on the trip, it was hooked on my wrist almost every minute of every day and made shooting simple and pleasurable. The portability and simplicity is something I appreciated and something my shoulders thanked me for later on.

Film: Lomo Color 800, Portra 400, Ektar 100

I never used the Lomo Color 800 film before this trip and based upon reading the reviews, I would have to agree that the color temperatures are inconsistent and unpredictable.  Some shots got really cool blue tones while a few were spot on and others were extremely warm.  However, I would have to say that’s part of the beauty of the Lomo company and product as a whole, no?

Well, so much for being succinct.  With all that being said, enjoy the photos:


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