Since I created my book, twenty seven, twenty eight, the creative process that went along with it has transformed how I want to view and live my life.  I want to learn and experience as much as I can of all that the world has to offer.  I do not want to waste time or lose opportunity.  If there is bait to explore, learn, or try something new or completely out the realm of normalcy and redundancy, then I plan on taking that chance, mostly because, “why not?”

You should do what you want to do, when you can do it,  because you want to do it and because you can.  Do what makes you happy.  Do you.

With some time off from work, I decided to take a trip to Busan, South Korea.  The trip was breath taking, awe-inspiring, and life changing for more than a few reasons.  It was just nice to disconnect from the world that I was familiar with for one that I was not.  Thankfully, I got to read a good portion of 1Q84 on the plane, as I have been dying to find time to give this book the time it deserves and will hopefully finish it very soon.  I will leave a quote from the book that I feel is applicable to the things I talked about above:

“It’s just that you’re about to do something out of the ordinary. And after you do something like that, the everyday look of things might seem to change a little. Things may look different to you than they did before. But don’t let appearances fool you. There’s always only one reality.”

Here are some images from the trip:

Mamiya 6 on Velvia 50

Contax T3 on ColorPlus 200 & Portra 160

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