At the beginning of the year, I wrote out about forty New Year’s resolutions.  Yeah.  Forty, I know.  I keep that list in my phone and I try my best to reread it everyday to remind myself of the goals that I have set forth for myself for this year.

One of those forty goals was to self publish a physical book of photographic work.  Needless to say, I am proud to say that in less than three months I have completed that goal and it looks like that goal will form a new goal of having a showing of the body of work in the near future.

The short 20-page publication that I have published under the Now Developing name is aptly entitled twenty seven, twenty eight.  The background of the work from the book itself reads as follows:

“These images were cerated between January and December 2016, a time frame that encapsulates my last six months of being twenty seven years old and the first six months of being twenty eight years old.

This work stands as a personal visual record and reflection of a time where unexpected, tragic, and transformative circumstances, both direct and indirect, made me become more aware of my interrelation with others through ambivalence, loss, and despondency.”

The timeframe that these images were taken come from one of the toughest and trying years I have experienced in my life.  The work magnifies the hardships that me and others very close to me have encountered in the past year.  This book serves as the closing of a chapter of my life and moving into a better mental and emotional place.

The amount of love and support I have gathered throughout the design and printing processes has really touched my heart and I could not have done it without the support of those people.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the book, you can now order one through my personal website here.  I apologize for any long waits in shipping times, but please expect up to 10 days for shipping confirmation.

If you happen to pick up a copy, I want to sincerely give you my thanks.  It is the raddest feeling to share my work with others and although this project is small, it means so much.

Thank you.

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