It’s that time of year again.  As we approach the Holiday season, me and my middle school film photography students begin to prepare for the annual gallery event.  This year has been especially rad because we were able to put together a darkroom and begin enlarging our negatives in addition to scanning them.

In the past, newer, younger students were handed point and shoot cameras to focus on shot composition and film familiarity.  However. these young preteens and teenagers have seriously risen to the occasion this year since I took all training wheels off by handing them an SLR on day one.  The results were nothing short of amazing.  I find it particularly interesting to flip through my students’ images simply because of the subjects they choose to shoot.  Theoretically, it’s probably just like any of us; simply shooting the things that we care most about and find interesting.  However what a 11-14 year old finds interesting is much different. Their worlds are typically much smaller than ours and they find a lot of beauty through the that narrow scope, although each of our individual journeys are much different.

I plan on doing a post later on in the coming weeks on the final results of their work along with the gallery event, but since the students have a solid catalog of images already scanned in, I figured it would be a great time to display some of my personal favorites from the student archive of 2017.  I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed teaching the film experience to another group of youngsters.

Zoe B.
Joey M.
Anthony B.
Kyleigh O.
Elizabeth B.
Cole G.
Morgan C.
Abbigail J.
Emma D.
Emerlina L.
Anthony L.
Brianna L.
Olivia T.
Haley M.
Talia W.
Jailyn N.
Mackenzie M.
Janelle R.

2 thoughts on “ Student Showcase: Club Photos 2017 ”

  1. Hey I wanted to give you some feedback. I love your post but your images come out full frame on my Android, and makes viewing any of the images impossible. The writing is formatted correctly but the images are always way too big. Keep up the great post!



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