My First Roll is a series for film photographers to share the images from their first roll of film.  Everyone starts shooting at a different time and for different reasons.  Some shooters may have started shooting yesterday while others have started shooting decades ago.  This series provides a glimpse into the humble beginnings of individual photographers, encouraging us to reflect on our earlier work to find beauty and appreciation in our inexperience and to understand how we got to where we our now and where we want to go in our photographic journey.  If you would like to share images from your first roll of film, send me an email.

Micahel Fil from Santiago de Cuba, Cuba shares his first roll of film taken on his Canon AE-1 on Rollei Retro 400S in November of 2014.  The images exemplify why the Canon AE-1 is such a classic camera, but also show Michael’s talents in capturing a beautiful image.

Michael Fil (Website), November 2014.

Canon AE-1, Rollei Retro 400S.

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