With the holiday season approaching, me and my film photography students will soon be hosting our annual Photography Club Galleria at the school in December.  The galleria is the culminating event (in addition to a trip to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts [FMoPA] and a screening of Vivian Maier) to the students’ learning in my after-school club.  More about that in a future post, though.  I plan on covering the actual galleria after it happens in December.

With the end of the black and white film club coming to an end for the year, I simply wanted to take a second  to recognize and showcase some of the standout images that my students shot, developed, and scanned on their own.  Some students were brand new to the club and as young as 11 years old, while some students were back for the third time and as old as 14 years old.  Some students shot on point and shoots, while others shot on SLRs.  Regardless of their equipment, these children not only took beautiful images, but I could see that a certain maturation had gone through them over the past 18 weeks.

Needless to say, I am extremely proud of these kids and hope that this is just the beginning of their photographic journey.  Enjoy the images:

Maya A.
Anthony B.
Anthony B.
Isabella B.
Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B.
Brooke C.
Abbigail D.
Jessica H.
Emma H.
Quintin H.
Joey M.
Joey M.
Gloria R.



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