This past weekend, my two friends and I decided to do a long weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina.  With jobs and life in general always eating up time, we thought it would be a decent idea to just get away for a weekend.

Since none of us had never been and we didn’t really plan anything out, the focus was truly on spending time with my best friends while listening to music and talking noise on a six-hour drive to Charleston.

Over the course of the weekend, we got to stop into some rad shops like Indigo and Cotton, eat food at Butcher & Bee, and meet some rad people at AC’s BBQ.

While we definitely did our share of sightseeing, shopping, and general walking around, the essence of the experience lied in just being with simply spending time with two of the best dudes I know.

Contax T3 on Ilford Ilford HP5

Contax T3 on Portra 400

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