On April 22nd, @newport_busan and I hosted a small event to celebrate the What lasts, lasts exhibition. Set to a playlist of jazz, we enjoyed a few drinks, disposable cameras, and each others’ company for a couple of hours. The atmosphere was truly indescribable. While it was warm and welcoming, it made me nostalgic for those past exhibitions in Tampa, FL all the more. While you might not be able to experience it all through these photos taken by those in attendance, I am so thankful that these moments are frozen in time.

I am truly grateful for the old friends who showed up and the new friends who came out or that I met that evening. Despite any barriers in language, we really did share a sense of community. And for me personally, it really brought to light how many great people I have come to know here in Busan. A huge thank you to @camelandoasis for letting us gather in their space and create some memories together.

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