From April 8 to March 8, 2021, my work will be on display as the opening exhibition at NEWPORT cafe on their loft gallery space in Busan, South Korea. NEWPORT is led by a husband and wife couple whose main focus and business lies in graphic design, however they also have a love for jazz and coffee, and strive for their new space to be a hub for local events and other community building and gatherings. Coinciding with NEWPORT’s grand opening, this solo show has truly given me some much needed inspiration. motivation, and reflection in where I am and headed as an artist. I thank them for the trust and confidence they have had in me as their opening artist. More information and exhibition details can be found below along with photos of the exhibition and the cafe itself:

Exhibition Details
2022.04.08 – 2022.05.08
22, Hwangnyeongsan-ro, Suyeong-gu (Geumnyeongsan Station, Exit 6)
부산 수영구 황령산로 22 1층 NEWPORT cafe

Exhibition Statement
Spanning the last four years, this collection of images captures a passing of time and change in a relationship with a place that used to be called home and to some degree, still continues to be.  Since my mother’s passing three years ago, each visit back to Florida possesses a sense of melancholy.  I return to lifelong friends, a place of familiarity, and a normalcy that echoes of a time and place that used to be.

지난 4년간 촬영한 사진들로 구성된 사진 모음집이며, 시간이 지나며 나의 home이라고 여겼던 장소들과 나와의 관계의 변화를 보여준다. 3년전 어머님이 돌아가신 후 플로리다로 돌아갈 때마다 우울한 기분이 들기도 하지만, 어릴적 친구들, 익숙한 장소 그리고 변함없는 일상은 과거의 시간과 공간을 일깨워준다.

For further reading, feel free to check out the feature on HAPS Korea.

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