Ever since I got into shooting film, it was like a whole new world opened before my eyes.  Aside from the different formats of film I could choose to shoot, I also had thousands of cameras to research and choose from.  I have been lucky enough to get my hands on many different cameras over the past few years, getting to learn more and more about the nuance and design of each company and model through the time I got to spend and shoot with them.  I also love that fact that each used camera I acquire and pass on has its own story to it.  It makes the experience of shooting film and these older cameras that much more of an intimate experience for me, personally.

This week, I finally decided that it was time to try something new again and I’ll keep that new camera excursion as a secret for now, but today is a bittersweet day as I sold and shipped off my Contax G1 to it’s newest owner.  I bought this camera along with a black Biogon 28mm f/2.8 which very rarely came off of the camera, even after I purchased a 90mm Sonnar f/2.8 to do some more portraiture with the camera.  The 90mm never impressed me as much as the 28mm did; it just wasn’t nearly as versatile or quick, and at 90mm, you really start to see the slow speed of the autofocus that accompanies the G1 through the online community.  One of my other favorite features of this camera was definitely the built-in multiple exposure mode.  Overall, it was also pretty quiet, which made it fun to shoot in the street.  I wasn’t a big fan of the manual focusing system, though.  Pros and cons, right?

But since this camera has traveled quite a bit of land and spent quite a a bit of time with me, I figured I would post some highlights from my time with it.














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