Reader Excerpts: Guildford on an Olympus XA2

Today’s piece comes from Sikandar Rana. Sikandar shares a place that is close to his heart and how he has interacted with that place through creating images, both snapshots of daily life and deliberate, time-consuming photo creation.  As Sikandar takes us on his move from London to Guildford, we understand his appreciation for simplicity both […]

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Reader Excerpts: Finding Inspiration in the Eerie and the Emotional

  Today’s piece comes from my personal friend, Joy Celine Asto. Joy shows shares a piece of photographic work accompanied by a piece of written work that visualizes and originates from her interest in Greek literature and mythology.  A truly spectacular execution of photographic representation of feelings, thoughts, and storytelling. Reader Excerpts allow those who […]

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